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I'm a Florida boy transplanted in the middle of snow, corn and beans. I wrote this note on Facebook titled 25 things about me. I put it here because it's the easiest way to get to know me.


25 Things about me.

1. I never want a 2 story house again unless my bedroom is on the first floor
2. I like to watch the SCI FI channel, the Discovery channel, Science channel and most of all The Weather Channel
3. I use to be a SCUBA instructor, a small engine mechanic, a boat captain, an EMT, a paramedic, a computer geek, a lawn care person, a hamburger flipper at Mc Donald's, a clown, a retail sales person, a manager at Chic-Fil-A, a CPR instructor, a pre-paid legal associate, a recovery diver, a janitor, a project manager, a pressure cleaner guy, a pool maintenance person, I worked at a hardware store, and a magician. Not in that order
4. I have never waited tables
5. I was in Civil Air Patrol when I was young and became a pilot so I could fly for them now that I'm old.
6. Some people call me a control freak
7. I like to help people
8. When I moved to Illinois, Tampa Florida was as far north as I could remember living. The coldest winter I had experienced was 30 degrees and I had never seen spring or fall.
9. I am blessed with some very good friends. They say if you have one really good friend, you are lucky. I am the luckiest person around because I have been blessed with a lot of awesome friends. I miss the ones that have moved away or I moved away from.
10. I don't like to read, but, I love a good movie or will listen to a book on tape
11. I like to do new things until I know I can do them then move on to the next thing. I never get really good at any particular thing unless it involves my job. I like to be the best at my occupation.
12. I love to play racquet ball, volley ball, and horse shoes.
13. I like to have the TV on in the background even if I am not listening to it. Just for the back ground noise.
14. I play the trumpet, guitar and a little piano. None of them very well
15. I love to fish.
16. I prefer to ask questions and learn about other people than talk about myself.
17. Some people think I know a lot but mostly, I'm just quiet when I don't know anything about the conversation and it fools them.
18. I have very sensitive skin. When it rains on me, It feels like bb's are hitting me instead of rain drops.
19. I like hot and humid weather… I'm not even sure how I have made it in Illinois.
20. I don't like swimming pools that much, but, I love to hang out in a hot tub
21. When I was in college, I started as a music major, then a theater major, then a communications major. I never finished…..
22. As a hobby, I like to edit video.
23. When I got my job with IBM I was required to wear a suit to work. I only had one, and that was the one I wore to my interview. I showed up to the interview without socks. I was use to wearing a uniform or shorts, T shirt and no shoes to work.
24. When I was 13 I use to travel from central Florida to south Georgia with my grandfather to bail hey on his farm.
25. Trying to say 25 things about myself is one of the hardest things I have done in a very long time.